Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yet another Hump Day...

The last couple of nights haven't been good for the little guy. We started him off in his crib this past weekend and things were going well up until the beginning of the week. During the weekend, he had no problems sleeping through the night, but these last few nights have been a different story. It's almost as if he reverted back to being a 3 week old, needing to be fed every couple of hours. I don't think we jumped the gun at all, but I do think he needs a little more time to acclimate himself to his surroundings & schedule. I don't think it was this hard with Makenna, but nevertheless, we just need to deal with it. And as frustrated as we get, all he has to do is look up and smile, and then all the frustration goes right out the window. Kids, you gotta love 'em...

Makenna's been a handful as well, albeit on a different level. We've been waiting for the stage in her development where she becomes more curious and inquisitive, and I think it's here, in a big way. At this point in time, she's getting into everything! And just like her little brother, we can't get too angry when she gets into stuff. She just walks away and messes around with something else until that gets on our nerves! To her, everything is a game. So if we catch her doing something she's not supposed to be doing, she just takes off running in hopes that we'll chase her. She'll continue to do that until she finally realizes we're not playing around, and then she'll do something really cute which throws us off. Makes us wonder who's really running things in the house... Happy Wednesday!

Isaiah's angel face when he's fed and rested

Makenna attempting to stare us down

Here's an interesting comparison between the two kids. This picture of Makenna was taken when she was around 18 weeks old. It's been on the blog before, although it was about a year ago. The picture of Isaiah was taken at around 11 weeks. If we put them side by side, you'd think we had twins! What a scary thought!!!

Kenna @ ~18 weeks Zay @ ~11 weeks

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