Thursday, April 03, 2008


Isaiah is starting to gain a little more awareness of his surroundings. He's making a lot more facial expressions as he reacts to everyone being "all up in his grill." He's been cooing more as well, and he still sounds like a cat when he makes those noises! Since Makenna likes to get in his face and give him kisses, we've noticed that he's starting to make more eye contact with her, and will even follow her with his eyes. We're still trying to get Kenna to understand the meaning of "being gentle" when it comes to Zay, but she just loves him so much she gets clumsy around him. She always manages to fall on him whenever she tries to get near his face, and even though it looks like it's hurting Zay, he just shrugs it off. But whenever I pick him up wrong, he let's me know! It must be a sibling thing...

While he still enjoys sleeping throughout the day, he's getting much better at going for longer stretches at night. At this point, he's averaging around 6 hours before waking up hungry. He'll be getting through the night in no time, so we'll be introducing him to his crib once he makes that switch.

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