Monday, April 28, 2008

The Joys of Parenting

We had a very relaxing weekend with the kids, not much planned which was a really nice change. Basically took the weekend and played it by ear. We did a lot of cleanup around the house, although with Makenna getting into everything, it's hard to tell that the place has been straightened up. I can only imagine what life will be like once Isaiah gets mobile.
Enz finally got Zay's room to the point where it was no longer an extra storage space, and moved all of his stuff into it. He made the transition to sleeping in his crib this weekend, and it was pretty seamless. We started him off by putting him down for his naps in his crib, just so he could get some familiarity with his new surroundings. By the time we put him down for the night, it was like home to him, and we both let out a huge sigh of relief! Ahhhhh, we have now reclaimed our bedroom, although Marino still calls our room home. Zay took to his crib much like Kenna did when we started her out in her room. And the fact that he sleeps for 8-9 hours at night is an added plus!
We had a few errands to run so we made it a family outing of sorts, which worked out well for Makenna, our little social butterfly. Since the weather was better than average, the kids were decked out in some of their springtime gear, obviously turning heads wherever we went! Although it was nice to get out and spend time together, I can totally see where it can get to be a bit overwhelming. Gone are the days of jumping in the car and taking off. Those have been replaced with better planning and preparation, as well as loading the stroller, diaper bags, portable high chair, then loading the kids. What used to take a couple of minutes to get out the door, now seems like a big production. It's like we almost need a checklist! Can't complain though, it's just another phase of parenthood, and it feels like we'll never stop learning! Happy Monday!

Isaiah's "most muscular" pose

Kenna's attempt at finding comfort in her old swing

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