Monday, April 21, 2008

Kids at play...

It was a nice and relaxing weekend for the most part at the E&J, just another couple of days off to chill and hang out as a family. Usually we find ourselves in a big hurry trying to get the kids out of the house on time to make it to a few family parties, but this weekend there was only one event to get to, and things seemed to just fall into place this time. It's almost as if we're getting the hang of what it takes to get things done with two little ones, but this might've just been an isolated incident. Who knows, the next time we think we're prepared might end up being total chaos...

We attended the First Communion celebration for Derick's daughter Skye, and that just made us all realize how quickly time is flying. The mass moved along smoothly and the following reception was fun. Little Isaiah was pretty much asleep through both the mass & brunch, so he was the easy one. And even though Zay was asleep for the most part, everyone still had their turn at holding the "little" guy, and sneaking a squeeze of his cheeks! I guess there's something about babies that makes people want to hold them?

Makenna was having a ball watching all the little kids at church and even danced along as they sang their Communion song. At the brunch, she had her share of kids to keep up with, and even though they're all a bit older than her, she was able to hold her own! It was nice to see her enjoying herself, without us having to follow her every footstep. It was a bit of a break for Enz & myself, as we allowed the other kids to keep an eye on her while we enjoyed eating together at the same time!

My shirt says it all

The goofy Camero family

Kenna dancing around with Cole

Kenna was wiped out after playing with the big kids!!!

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