Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Friday!

Yet another week has passed, and little Makenna keeps on growing. She's doing well on her belly, showing us just how high she can hold her head up. Grandma was impressed at how strong her neck has become at this point. She's becoming well aware of her surroundings, and has even developed a bit of shyness when we take her out. It takes her a short while before she completely warms up when we're someplace other than home, but once she does open up, her personality shines! She's also becoming quite the little master at holding her bottle, proving to us once again, that she wants to do things on her own. Quite the over-achiever we have on our hands...

Independent little one?

Ok, so maybe Kenna isn't standing up on her own just yet, but in this picture, she sure is trying! I couldn't get a better shot of her for fear that she'd come crashing down, but this one works. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Our little Makenna is becoming quite the social butterfly. She's grown quite accustomed to being around a lot of people, and doesn't seem to mind all the commotion. That's a good thing to a certain extent because then we can be assured that she won't be one of "those" kids, at least that's how she is for the time being! No matter how many visitors she has throughout the week, she always does her best to flash them her cute little toothless smile =)

This weekend we attended the baptism of our Godson (nephew) Wesley Joseph. Amidst all the chaos at the church and restaurant afterwards, Kenna was able to take the occasion in stride. The heat didn't seem to bother her much, and even though both of her grandmothers insisted that she stay up and play, she was able to go down for a nap during the service. By the time we got her home though, she was exhausted, and had no problems going down for the night...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Friday!!!

Happy Friday! Another end to a fun week with the little one. Sure, every parent can rant and rave about things their kids do, or how advanced they feel their children are, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't one of those parents. But day by day, Makenna just does things that amaze us or make us laugh. She's developed quite a unique personality for being only a week or two shy of 4 months.

We've pretty much figured out her quirks for this stage in her development, and have gotten pretty comfortable with her. We're just waiting for things to change abruptly, as they always do, and when that happens, we'll adjust right along with her. For now, it's all about enjoying every minute with her, just to see what new tricks she'll pull out of her hat!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Flowery Aloha wishes

Just wanted to share this pic of the little one to help everyone get through hump day. Last night she was chatting up a storm! I guess its a sign of things to come in the not so distant future? Payback for all the times people wanted me to shut up.... Enjoy!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Another fun-filled weekend

We celebrated Father's Day much like we did Mother's Day; by going to the beach on Saturday! Little Kenna had the opporutunity to feel sand between her chubby little toes, and was in awe while watching the waves break near the shore. She even got to work on her tan a little bit!

Here's a pic of Makenna sitting in her bebe pod. I guess this thing is supposed to help infants learn to hold themselves up. She's still a bit shaky, and if left alone while leaning up against something, she'll usually start to slowly tip over. She enjoyed her first time in the pod, and it looks like we'll get a lot of use out of it in the months to come, at least until she's fully capable of sitting up on her own.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Little Speedster

The little Makalicious one has proven to be quite the quick learner. It wasn't until recently that we decided she was ready for her activity center. It took her some time, but she was able to figure out how to activate all the toys. Soon after, she learned to make her way around the whole activity center. Her first time took her about 30 minutes, but she did it. This afternoon we watched as she immediately started moving when Enz placed her in the activity center. It took her less than 5 minutes to go around a full 360 degrees, and then the little show off proceeded to go around again, and again. Soon she figured it was easy, and got a little more daring by rotating in the other direction. By then she was spent, so she ended her play session with a smile...

Monday, June 11, 2007

First cold

Another first for little Kenna this weekend-she got her first cold... Add to that the fact that she has just started teething, and we've got one irritable baby! We've gotten used to her while she's teething; she's constantly searching for something to chew on, and she appears to drool more than Marino!
Watching little Kenna as she tries to go about her business makes us feel so bad for her. She's having a hard time breathing as she's really congested. Her nose gets runny every now and then, and she's not her normal happy-go-lucky self. While we try to keep her entertained, we know she's not 100%. It's most apparent when we try to put her down for a nap, or even to bed for the night. She has a hard time staying asleep, and it seems no matter what we do for her, she's just uncomfortable.
Hopefully what she's got will just run its course and taper off quickly, so we can have our happy little Kenna back to normal!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Exciting week for the little one

This week, I had the pleasure of introducing little Kenna to some of my co-workers & friends who haven't had the chance to meet her. I was a little apprehensive for Enz to bring her to visit me at lunchtime, since she's usually napping at that particular hour, but it all turned out for the best. Kenna had her happy face on, and was able to meet & greet the people that drive her Daddy crazy on a daily basis! Everyone was impressed with her alertness, and complimented us on how well socialized she was. She didn't cry or get fussy around all the new faces, in fact, she took it all in stride and had plenty of smiles for everyone!

On that note, Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


We've been pretty fortunate with Makenna in that she's an easy to read baby. Sure she has her "off" days where we can't figure out what the deal is, but then again, what baby doesn't? As of late, she's been sleeping soundly through the night and we've been extemely grateful! These past couple of nights have been a little different though. For some unknown reason, Kenna thinks that 2am is the perfect time to wake up, cry & then play. Huh? Did we skip a chapter in the parenting handbook? Everyone says not to get too accustomed to the baby's changes, because before you know it, she'll change again! Were they ever right!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Coming full circle

Kenna never ceases to amaze us, and even though she does a lot of the same stuff on a daily basis, I had the pleasure of witnessing the little one do something new. We've only had her activity center out for a week or so, and she just started to pick up some new coordination in her arms, allowing her to reach out and make contact with the individual toys.

This evening after placing her in the center, I noticed that she started to turn a little. That's not really anything new since Enz has seen her turn from toy to toy-although her movement was limited because the toys were beside one another. Today, she started from one end, and made a full 360 degree circle around the entire activity center, all on her own! What a trip to watch! She's still a little on the short side so her toes barely reach the surface. We folded a towel to help with the reach issue, and this time took her socks off. I think she was able to grip with her toes and that allowed her to make more progress as she journeyed within her little circle....

Of course, once her tour was over, she was a bit on the cranky side. It must've taken a lot out of the little one!

Art & Wine

We took the little one to the Sunnyvale Art & Wine Festival this weekend, and what a blast she had! The first part of the afternoon consisted of a long nap in the stroller as we walked through the streets with beer in hand! Once she woke up from her nap and got re-adjusted to her surroundings, we placed her in the baby carrier and she was extremely excited as she saw all these new faces in the crowd. One idiot thought she was a little boy, but I think we decided to look past him anyway! The rest of the crowd was fascinated with her alertness as she gave out free smiles to all passers-by...