Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Images for Hump Day

Isaiah has just started making this face, usually when he's about to start crying. We never really saw Makenna do this as a baby, but we just noticed that Zay picked up this cute little habit. Although we don't like hearing him cry, we thought it was one of those rare opportunities to catch this expression in the making.
Here's an interesting comparison of our little social butterfly. Apparently there's a Sesame Street character that goes by the name of Abby Cadabby. As of late, mommy has been putting Makenna's ever growing locks into makeshift pigtails, ponytails, devil horns, or whatever you call them. Those little tails, along with her happy-go-lucky face, make it hard not to see the similarities with the Sesame Street character. It's Kenna Cadabby for sure! Happy Wednesday!

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