Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Pump It Up 2010

This year we decided to combine the kids' birthdays in an effort to save a little coin. Having back-to-back parties isn't always feasible, though this is only the second year we've had to worry about such a thing. The turnout was the norm for a Camero party, filled with family and friends, and we all had a great time!

Isaiah proved to a lot of "non-believers" that he's a strong and independent two-year old. He took on all of the obstacles and slides like a trooper! Grandma was worried that he wouldn't be able to go down the big slide on his own, but he repeatedly showed her that he was more than capable of keeping up with the big kids! After that, she finally did what we all did and just let him do his own thing. It worked out well because by the end of the party, he was all tuckered out!

Makenna became a little more daring this time around. Unlike a lot of the other kids who wanted to slide down together with adults, she opted to do it all herself. We always knew she would end up being the independent one, we just didn't realize she would be that way from the start! She got creative with some of the other kids, and slid down backwards, sideways, and any which way! Needless to say, she had a blast.

Though her birthday isn't for another couple of days, I don't think she minded sharing her special day with her brother. If their birthdays were any closer, we would probably end up combining their parties every year, but it looks like we'll do the big milestone celebrations separately. For now, they were both content on thier big day at Pump It Up.

Isaiah sliding down on his own

Makenna attempts a different method of slidingReady to go again! That was fun, let's do it again! "The Cousins"