Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Friday!!

It seems that our kids tend to even each other out. When one of them acts up, the other is usually calm and mellow. Or when one of them isn't feeling well, the other is just fine and dandy. Earlier in the week, Isaiah wasn't himself - he wasn't eating normally, occasionally throwing up, and was extremely fussy whenever he decided to eat. And while he was driving us crazy with his inconsistency, Makenna was there to make us laugh with her care-free attitude. It's kind of a nice break to have the balance with the two kids. If one's bringing you down, the other is there to bring you back up again!

Now that we've reached the end of yet another week, the tables have been turned. Kenna's cutting some new teeth & she's become quite the fussy one. And with her unruliness comes Isaiah's "zen-like" disposition. Ahhhhh.... When Makenna's not 100%, she lets us know, and she let's us know loudly! The good thing about it is that Isaiah isn't affected by Makenna's crankiness, he just sits there and minds his business, which usually helps in keeping us sane.

We're getting to that point with Isaiah where we're starting to do different things with him. Using Kenna's upbringing as a guide, we've tweaked his schedule a bit to see if he's on point with Kenna's developmental milestones. Thus far, he's doing fine, and we're about to introduce him to naptime in his crib. He doesn't mind being in the crib, so that's a plus. Being a seasoned pro, Makenna took some time out of her busy schedule last night to show her little Bro the ropes...

"listen, it may seem scary at first, but the crib's really not that bad"

"you've got all the necessities within arms reach"

"and don't worry, I'll always be nearby to keep an eye on you"Isaiah breathes a sigh of relief knowing that his sister has his back...
Makenna loves being a big sister...

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