Friday, May 02, 2008

Happy Friday!!!

For most of us, this week went by pretty quickly, but for Enz this was not the case. Being at home with two kids is more than a job in itself, it's an adventure! A great majority of our friends and family know exactly what I'm talking about, and having two little rugrats to look after can really test a person's nerves. That's not to say that our kids are little hellraisers, at least not yet, but even a child with a calm disposition can prove to have a "dark side." Basically what I'm trying to say is that raising children is a full-time job!

This week has been a difficult one for Isaiah, which was a true test for Enza. We couldn't figure out why he was so fussy, or why he wasn't eating & sleeping like before. We didn't know if it was an ear infection, or if he was getting sick, or if he just didn't like sleeping in his crib. Whatever the case, he was not a happy little boy. And being extra fussy didn't allow for Enz to get any rest whatsoever. She took Zay to the doctor yesterday and he determined that Zay's acid reflux was possibly "flaring up" causing major discomfort. Poor guy =( The doctor prescribed yet another medication to help with this problem, and told us that if he doesn't get any better by next week, he should see a specialist. Needless to say, the meds worked wonders last night, and Zay made it through about 9 hours before waking up hungry! WHEW! Of course we're not expecting him to be 100% just yet, so we're keeping our fingers crossed in hopes that everything settles down over the next couple of nights.

That being said, everything else was fine with the "little" guy. Zay will be hitting the 3 month mark next Monday, and it's hard to believe how quickly he's growing. Yesterday he weighed 15 pounds & 6 ounces, so you know he's not going hungry! At this rate, he'll catch up to Makenna in no time. Makenna continues to be her outgoing little self. She's at that stage where she's really learning things quickly, and she's doing a lot of imitation. We don't know where she got this from, but she's learning how to whistle. She's also learning how to jump, or so she thinks she is. She'll do most of her "tricks" when she's asked, but like many other kids, she'll get shy if she's put on the spot. Watching her tend to her little brother is also entertaining, and at times, she'll sit there and "chat" with him while he's in his swing. Lately Isaiah has been paying more attention to his big sister, and will follow her with his eyes as she runs around the room. When she's up in his face, he stares intently as she talks away, almost as if he understands her. It's almost as if they're planning their strategy for the future, when they can both play together. That's when the fun will really begin! Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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