Friday, November 30, 2007

Makenna being silly

Here's a short video clip of Makenna repeating what I say, to an extent. She's already proven that she can say da da, and has also learned to say mom. Her new thing is saying ba ba although we don't know where that came from. Nevertheless, its always fun to hear her say whatever it is that comes out of her mouth!

We're planning on taking her to see Santa Claus this weekend, so that in itself should be interesting. We're wondering how she'll react to the jolly old fat man, and we're hoping for a decent reaction, although we're not ruling out the possibility that she may be terrified! Either way, it should make for some great video footage. For now, enjoy this little clip and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Hump Day!

Hey, there are only 26 days left (excluding today) until my first Christmas!! Can't wait to see what Santa brings =)

Monday, November 26, 2007

First holiday weekend...

This year we celebrated Makenna's first Thanksgiving and she had a blast! We did our best to prepare her for all the excitement, especially since we figured it would be a fairly long day for the little one. She made it through without much of a hitch, or much of a nap for that matter! And although she didn't get to taste any turkey just yet, she did have fun sitting at the table with the family!

We spent the early part of the afternoon with Enza's family, and then moved over to my family's celebration later in the evening. Makenna took the evening in stride, as she was smothered by all of my aunts and uncles, who enjoyed passing her around and dancing with her. It worked out well because they completely tired her out!

The day after Thanksgiving, we followed our yearly tradition of picking out our Christmas tree. This year Enz wasn't interested in getting the tallest tree, but she was in search of the fattest tree, and I think we found it! We spent the majority of the day and much of the weekend decorating the tree & the house. It's all the same every year, but being Makenna's first Christmas made the decorating much more meaningful.

We didn't know how she would react to all the different things around the house, or all the colorful lights, but as you can see in the picture below, we got a terrific reaction.Here is an actual picture of Makenna's initial reaction when she first saw the Christmas tree with all the lights & decorations on it. Talk about PRICELESS! Now we really can't wait to see how she reacts to all the gift opening!!

And on a side note, we have approximately 10 weeks left until Baby #2 (coconut) graces us with his/her presence. We're both very nervous & excited, so much so that we may vomit....

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Makenna sorts her laundry

I caught Makenna getting into the laundry basket full of her clothes that Enza was folding. She was able to stand up and sort through her stuff, almost as if she was looking for something to wear! Marino joined her at the end and was really interested in licking her hands and face. I guess that was a good way to get her to stop rummaging, right? Enjoy & Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Fun-filled Weekend!

This weekend was full of activities that kept us busy with the little one. She's going through a big teething phase as her top two teeth continue to make their way in, and with that comes the fussiness. She's been off her schedule a bit, possibly due to being uncomfortable, but we manage to adjust accordingly. We figured out that if she acts up with one of us, that's her way of letting us know that she'd rather be with the other parent. Go figure!

Yesterday morning Makenna surprised us both with her "real crawl!" I caught a short glimpse of it on video, and if you listen, you can hear the both of us loudly cheering her on, almost as if she was in the final stretch of a marathon! While it may not be that big a deal to others, it sure shocked the hell out of us! Now its only a matter of time before we see her taking her first steps...

On Saturday, we took Makenna to dinner to celebrate Aunt B's 37th birthday. We were a bit apprehensive at having Kenna out in the evening, especially since she had been a bit fussy throughout the day, but what's one night, right? Once we got around the family and the noise of the restaurant, its like she did a complete 180, and she was all laughs & smiles!

On Sunday, we brought Makenna to the 2nd birthday celebration of Marcos, and although it was a little chilly, she had a great time at the playground. We had her bundled up like she was headed for the snow. She didn't know any different anyway, and kept on enjoying herself. She had fun on the slide as well as the children's swings. It'll be much more fun in the near future when she's able to run around and get through the playground on her own!

Big El on the slide

Wes on the swing

Happy 2nd Birthday Marcos!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Makenna in a basket..

This picture of the little one kinda says it all. She's really into watching her favorite tv shows, either Barney or any of the Baby Einstein DVD's. And she's into touching EVERYTHING! If it lights up, she'll touch it. If it makes noise, she'll touch it. But mainly if its something we tell her not to touch, she'll touch it! It's obvious that she's getting to one of those stages that will test our patience and sanity. We've been preparing for these times, but one can only prepare for so much! With #2 on the way, we're still able to play "man-to-man" defense, so we'll see how we hold up before thinking about #3!!!


Welcome Kaelyn Ellagrace Cunanan!

CONGRATULATIONS to our friends The Cunanan Family and the arrival of their baby girl
Kaelyn Ellagrace Cunanan!
She was born on November 14, 2007 @ 10:41pm. She weighed 8lbs 6oz and was 20 1/4" long. We wish the family all the best & a speedy recovery for 'chelle! We look forward to meeting the little one soon!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hump Day...

Makenna has been in a really great mood as of late, but then again, that's not really anything new. She almost always is in good spirits, but has her off days much like any other kid her age. If you think about it, what has she got to be mad at, especially at this point in her life? All she cares about is getting fed when she's hungry, and playing until she gets tired. No real worries yet, its all about being care-free. Must be nice!

Anyway, as I've mentioned before, we're pretty fortunate that Makenna isn't afraid of Marino, or that Marino isn't jealous of Makenna. Its not like he has any say in the matter, but we always try to make sure that he still gets lots of attention as well. The two get along fine as this video shows more interaction between the two. I was merely the mediator in case Marino felt like licking Makenna to death! I didn't realize Enza was catching it on video, I thought she was taking a picture!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Another relaxing weekend...

Not much on the social events calendar this past weekend, just a couple of days off to spend with the little one. Both Enz & I were home on Saturday, and we didn't do anything really, especially due to the weather. Sunday, Enz went out for a spa day with her sisters, so that gave me some time to hang out with Kenna. She's been on the fussier side of things these past few days, and we're pretty sure its due to teething. Her upper gums are really inflamed and her two front teeth have finally broken through. Whenever we try to get a look at her upper teeth, she quickly pushes away, and we can see the discomfort whenever we try to touch her gums in that particular area.
Aside from the teething, she was pretty much all smiles yesterday! Having time with her is fun, especially when she's in a good mood =) She's starting to get the hang of pulling herself up onto her knees, and on occasion, she'll end up standing on her feet. She's still doing her army crawl, but now she does the whole "rocking back & forth motion" on her hands and knees. It'll be fun to see her if & when she learns to crawl on her hands and knees. By the looks of things, she may just go from the army crawl to walking, but then again, that could be wishful thinking. Maybe we're pushing her to grow up too fast?
Lately, Makenna has taken a greater interest in Marino. She's been exposed to him since day 1, and she's been sniffed & licked on numerous occasions, many of which, she didn't really care for. Ever since she's become mobile, she's been on the hunt for the dog, and we've had to stop her a few times from crawling into his bed or picking up his toys! Whenever she sees him, she waves to him and immediately tries to crawl to him. For those of you who know Marino, you know that he's a big ball of energy, but when it comes to Makenna, he knows his boundaries so he "tones it down" just a bit. She loves to pet his nose and in the process, she gets her hands licked. If we don't keep an eye on him, he'll always try to lick her face, probably hoping to get a taste of the baby food she's eaten! Its a great relief to know that these two get along!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

"I'm 8 months old today!"

How time flies! Not so little Kenna is 8 months old today, and we can't begin to count how many times people have guessed her age to be around 1 year old! HA! She continues to grow like a weed, and every day its like a new adventure with her. We always hear how parents mention that a particular age is "a fun stage," but for us, it seems like any time is a fun stage with the little bugger! Happy 8 months Makenna! Wow, only 4 months to go until she's a year old, oh my!

Here's that video I promised awhile back that shows Kenna reaching for her "favorite" dvd. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Another cold for the little one...

The little one picked up a cold and hasn't been sleeping all that well. At night, we can hear her labored breathing with all her congestion, and even though she tries to keep her spirits up, she ends up on the cranky side when she has trouble breathing. Poor thing =( Nevertheless, she was in a great mood yesterday afternoon! She took a long morning nap at her Nonna's and a shorter afternoon nap, so by the time I picked her up, she was full of smiles!

She's into one of her new toys, which is a "Sing-a-long stage" as seen above. Its activated by the different buttons which represent different instruments, as well as the "magic" microphone she has in her hand. She can sit in front of that thing for a long stretch without getting bored, especially since it has a mirror on it, and she loves to watch herself-what a narcissist! Hehehe! Its probably one of her favorite toys, and I'll even find myself trying to master the sounds on it (while I'm playing with her of course!) It keeps her occupied, and at the same time, keeps her out of trouble! Even though she's not at 100%, her new toy seems to keep her happy =)

Reppin' The U

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Kenna stands up by herself!

So this past weekend, Makenna amazed us once again. We've been watching her crawl faster and faster, and on Friday, she actually reached up onto one of her toys and pulled herself up! Enz was playing with her when she first did it, and screamed for me to come out & watch Kenna. Of course, judging by the type of scream Enz let out, I immediately thought something was wrong. When I rushed out, she told me what Kenna did so I grabbed the camera and started taping, hoping for the best. I thought she'd get camera shy again, but sure enough, she pulled herself up into a standing position.

Now, we obviously think this is a great milestone, a great accomplishment for the little one. What we're not seeing, or maybe we're just not quite ready to see, is the fact that this may rapidly lead to Makenna taking her first steps, which means she may be walking soon... YIKES! As if it wasn't hard enough chasing her around while she's crawling! But maybe we're jumping the gun a little too soon? All we know is that since she's around her cousins a lot, she's constantly trying to do what they do. I'm sure it'll be fun to have Kenna walking around, but wow, time is moving sooooo fast!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Kenna's first Halloween

We didn't have any trick or treaters last night, then again, we weren't home, so even if we did have some we would've never known! Our first stop was over at Grandma's house, and of course, she let Makenna pick her own candy. Makenna just grabbed whatever she could get her hands on, so I picked out stuff for myself =) Grandma had a great time with the little bumblebee, and was able to get her to dance and jump around.

Afterwards, it was over to Nonno & Nonna's house where Makenna was able to play for a bit with the kids, Elliott the lion, Wesley the cow, & fellow bumblebee Joya. Its always difficult to snap a photo when all the kids are looking at the same camera, so we all did our best to capture the moment. Kenna got yet another bag of goodies from Nonno & Nonna, but we all know that Enz & I will dip into it (for safety reasons, hahaha).
After being out for a few hours, the little one let us know that she was ready to call it an evening, so we brought her home. It was still early enough for some kids, but no one rang our doorbell. Oh well, more chocolate for the Camero family I guess! By this time, Kenna was out of her costume and was just about ready for bed. She was getting a little fussy, so rather than dressing her back up and dealing with any unnecessary crying, we opted to take her picture with her first pumpkin out of costume. She really enjoyed her pumpkin, and we had to keep her from tipping it over as she playfully pounded on it. All in all, it was a terrific first Halloween for the little one!