Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Makenna's new thing is to chew on, suck on or play with a frozen washcloth. Enz started this once we noticed her elevated fuss level, and it seems to do the trick. Not only does she chew on it, she likes to cover her face and even wear the cloth on top of her head! She can do what she likes with it as long as she keeps herself entertained without hurting herself.

As mentioned before, Kenna has been working on sitting upright. She's able to sit up for longer periods of time without immediately toppling over, and she's even getting brave enough to reach for her toys while sitting up. We're still using her bebe pod on occasion, which aids in teaching kids to sit up, and she's realized a new found interest in using it again. She's still not crawling yet, but we've noticed movement that leads us to believe that it may begin sometime soon. We're also doing our best to make sure she's as comfortable as possible as her baby chompers make their way in. That's all for now, hope everyone has a terrific Labor Day weekend! Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Hump Day!

Last night was definitely a better night for the little one. She was a little bit on the cranky side as the day winded down, but we attributed that to her exhaustion from the previous night. The whole teething process hasn't been so bad thus far, although it is tiring as we try to keep her comfortable and calm. Enz is doing a great job keeping her mellow at bedtime so that she's not trying to go to sleep while she's riled up. Basically we're just going with the flow to find what works best for us & little Kenna.

On a side note, Makenna is doing really well as she continues to perfect her ability to sit up on her own. There's still an occasional tip-over, but she's taking those with ease. She's still not able to get into position to sit up on her own, but when placed like that, she can stay that way for a while. In this picture, she's just chillin' while watching one of her favorite tv shows. What a big girl! Happy Hump Day!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Restless Night

It was bound to happen sooner or later, but the little one had a rough night. Our guess is that her teeth are bothering her since everything else seemed ok. We put her down at her regular bed-time because she was showing her tell-tale signs. All went according to plan, including her final bits of fussiness right before crashing out. But everytime it seemed like she'd finally stay down, she'd immediately wake back up crying.

We both took turns trying to comfort her and calm her down, and each time would be a replay of the time before. We decided to keep her up a little bit longer and tire her out that way. She was soooo tired and it was evident in her eyes, but she kept fighting it. I'm not sure what time she ended up going down for the night, but I will say that Enz is a real trooper for sticking it out with Kenna. We'll see how things progress from here as the next set of teeth come in. Wish us luck!

Monday Monday

It seems like Enz is doing her best to not let this pregnancy get the best of her. I've noticed that this one is a little different in that she's a lot more tired than the first time. It could be that she has to deal with Makenna on top of being pregnant, but at this point, who knows? She's just taking it as it comes. We took a much needed break this weekend, and had Nonna & Nonno come by to watch the little one while we spent some quality "adult" time out for a few hours. It was nice to get away for dinner and a movie, although it was a little earlier than usual (Enz is finding it harder to stay up late, but it's all good).

Kenna just keeps on impressing us with her latest antics. Right now, she's really working on sitting up on her own, and can stay up for quite a while. She's learned to balance herself, but we're always keeping an eye on her because one time she got a little cocky, and did a face plant! Poor thing! Must not have hurt because she just pushed herself up off her face, and just rolled over onto her back. She's gotten the hang of rolling over from front to back and vice versa, so much so, that we never find her in the same spot we leave her when she goes down. She's all over the place, especially in her crib! Once she starts crawling, and we're thinking it may be soon, she'll be tough to keep in one place! The curiosity in this kid is enough to keep us entertained for hours!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Friday!

Its the end of yet another week, and the ladies are just moving along. Kenna is doing well with her teeth slowly coming in, and Enza is riding the latest wave of fatigue with Baby #2. While she has no real complaints about this pregnancy, she's noticed that it is true what they say in that the second pregnancy is different than the first. The one thing that remains the same thus far with the two is that the babies love beef! That being said, let's see how big Baby #2 is at birth!

As of late, Makenna has become more aware of what we do when we're eating at the table. She is still not eating solid foods yet, but that time is coming just around the bend. Enz always feels bad when we're eating in front of her because she's taken a great interest in watching us. She stares so intently, almost as if she knows exactly what we're eating and how it tastes. I can see why that makes Enz feel bad, but Kenna only has a couple of more weeks before we start her on the rice cereal. Let the games begin! I'm sure that'll be fun seeing what kind of mess this little girl will make (both on the floor and in her diapers)! Whatever hits the floor becomes free game, so Marino will probably be like Makenna's little shadow, just waiting for anything to fall!

Happy Friday & have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Second tooth..

So Enz decided to take a closer look at Makenna's tooth, and to her surprise, she noticed that another tooth is making its way through the gums! If you click on the above picture, a larger version will open and you should be able to see her new additions coming up on the bottom. Look carefully, because they're there!

Little Kenna is taking the whole tooth cutting like a champion, and hasn't shown us a major change in attitude as her baby pearly whites come in. She's going to look soooo different with teeth, but I'm sure she'll only get cuter!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Number 2 well on the way...

As if we didn't already have our hands full with little Makenna! HA! Enz & I have done it again, and this afternoon, we found out just how far along Enz is with this pregnancy. The whole waiting game has been eating us alive, and today the doctor confirmed that we were right around the 14 week mark, already well into the second trimester! Can you believe it?

The day that Enz took the test, she was on the tail end of week 12, just finishing off the first trimester. The first 3 months is always pretty worrisome, and so, being where we're at now has relieved us for the most part. Don't get us wrong though, we're still trying to get over the initial shock! Doing the math, we've found that the kids will be only 11 months apart! Who'd a-thunk it? It'll be interesting just to see how these kids will grow up so close in age, so we're preparing ourselves to be taken to the limit! Will we stop at two? Hmmm....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

First tooth...

Even though its not visible in this picture, the little one is cutting her first tooth! I was changing her Saturday morning and noticed that she had her tongue sticking out the entire time. I asked Enz if she thought that maybe she was teething now, and she told me to check her mouth. I thought I saw a tooth poking out, so Enz came in to confirm it. She looked in Kenna's mouth, but wasn't really able to tell if there was a tooth because Kenna's tongue was in the way! HA! She felt Kenna's lower gums, and sure enough, one of her teeth was poking it's way through the gums. Now, we've been fortunate that Kenna hasn't really had a hard time with this experience yet, but this is only the first one. We'll see how she handles it as the next few come in...

Another mellow weekend...

Our little "fashionista" had a fairly mellow weekend, nothing too exciting. Grandma came by to watch her for a little while, and the rest of the weekend was spent relaxing. When we took her to church, she started up with that funny thing that kids do-she just sat there and stared at the woman sitting behind us, no expression, no emotion, just a purely blank stare! Hehehe, I wonder how uncomfortable that made the lady feel? Enza could barely keep her composure and almost lost it, but she was able to maintain. Whew!

Kenna's coming into her own with her jumper. Although she hasn't quite mastered the coordination in her legs, she knows that she's supposed to bounce when we put her in it. She can get a few jumps off, maybe two or three, and she still learning to bend her knees with each bounce. She'll pick it up soon, especially now that she enjoys being in the jumper!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Friday!

The little squirt is finding her groove as she continues to get her "roll" on! It's almost no use putting her down on her blanket because a minute later, she'll be over by the couch, or rolling by the dog's bed! As she starts to get mobile, Enz & I are continuously trying to find ways to keep her "contained!" We knew this was coming, so we're doing our best to just "roll" with it! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A video to get you past the hump...

This short video clip is a lot like the previous one titled "Kenna's fake laugh." The only difference is that she doesn't laugh much in this one, but she sure has a ton of energy. One thing I have noticed is that she gets a big boost once the camera comes out. Its almost as if we have a natural performer on our hands? Whatever the case may be, there's never a dull moment in the Camero household!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Kenna's Fake Laugh

So after a fun weekend for the little one, we thought she would be exhausted. For some unknown reason, she decided that Sunday would NOT be her day of rest, and insisted on missing her naps. Enz was finally able to get her to catch a short nap toward the end of the afternoon, and afterwards it was business as usual with the little one. Surprisingly, she wasn't cranky, and she had the sweetest disposition all day long.

This short video clip was taken just before putting her down for the night, and even then she was still full of spunk. A sign that the times are a-changing? I think so... We're not quite sure where she picked this fake laugh up from, but its a crack up to watch how she acts when the camera comes out. That's our little cheeseball!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Exciting Weekend!

What a fun weekend Kenna had! Not only did she get to tell the rest of the world that she was going to be a big sister, she spent a lot of time with family! Grandma Lou was so proud to parade her around at the birthday party for the twins. She had a blast as she was passed around from auntie to uncle, and from cousin to friend, then back to mommy & daddy again. She even had the opportunity to jump around on the bouncer they rented for the party, even though it was only on the outside, and even though she had to stay in my arms. The look on her face was priceless and she probably didn't understand what was really going on!

The party gave her a fun chance to be around one side of her humongous family. It also served as a break for Enz & myself, as we were able to once again share a meal with one another while Makenna was off in the hands of another relative. Of course opportunities like that will be few & far between as we anxiously await the arrival of our second bundle.

As we continued to share our news with everyone, its funny to see how they all have the exact same reaction. Talk about unexpected news! I guess everyone was assuming that we would wait a bit longer before having another one. To tell you the truth, we really were going to wait, but this was the hand we were dealt, so we're going to ride it out. Don't get me wrong, we're the two happiest people in the world, but much like everyone else, we're still in shock! As if we didn't already have enough on our plate.....

Thursday, August 09, 2007

OOPS! We Did It Again!

"And if you don't know, now you know..."

I'm going to be a big sister!! Yippee!!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hump Day...

Happy Hump Day! Not much to report, just trying to get over the hump. Its all downhill from here, with the weekend not too far away....

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


CONGRATULATIONS to our friends the Pham family on the birth of their baby girl Sheila Truc! Baby Sheila was born yesterday August 6 at 7:35pm after approximately 12 hours of labor. She weighed in at a petite 5.5 pounds and measured 18.5 inches long. We wish the Phams nothing but the best!

Kenna's new sound

First & foremost, today is Kenna's 5 month birthday! Woo-hoo! Where has the time gone?!

As funny as it is to hear Kenna when she's trying to talk, she's got an even funnier little sound that she's recently discovered. We don't know where she got it from, but we do know that she used to make this sound as she would reach the end of a bottle while eating. Nevertheless, she does it all the time, and even does it on command. Who knows what she'll be doing next?! Enjoy!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Happy Monday!

This weekend was a nice & relaxing one for the Camero family. We didn't do much, so to speak, and pretty much just chilled. We did spend some time with the Arbolantes on Saturday to let the kids hang out and have some fun. Then on Sunday, we had some of the family over to visit us and spend some q-t with little Kenna. All in all, a much needed relaxing weekend. Back to the grind...

Friday, August 03, 2007

Happy Friday!

Just wanted to say T.G.I.F. and hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ahhhh relief!

Yesterday was a much better day for the little one, although she's still taking shorter naps! She wasn't very fussy, more smiley than anything else, its just that she's not really into staying down during her naptime. She probably thinks that when we put her down in her crib, its more of a practice session for her to perfect her turning abilities. Oh well, as long as she stays aslepp throughout the night, we really can't complain!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Calgon take me away...

Yesterday was not a good day for the Camero ladies. Kenna had some unknown issues and acted like a little pill on Mommy's day off. Poor Enz had to listen to Kenna cry, and even though she was home with her, it just seemed as if nothing would calm the little one down. Was Enza's milk bad? Was Makenna teething? Who knew? Enz just did her best to keep Makenna from going crazy. Apparently she wasn't staying asleep during her naps, and even when Enz held her she was a little fussy.

When I got home, I could tell Enz needed a break, and Kenna looked exhausted. Why wouldn't she be? She hadn't caught a decent nap all day, and I'm sure the crying and fussiness made matters worse. She calmed down just a bit when she saw me, but whenever I'd leave the room, the water works would start again! I guess we can attribute it to yet another developmental stage?

Kenna's also realized that she can turn anywhere and anytime. Even when she's down for a nap in her crib, we'll find that she's turned over onto her belly. Then she'll get frustrated because she can't return to her back! That, in turn (no pun intended), will make her even more cranky! What a vicious cycle... Oh well, it's the middle of the week, so time to get over the hump. Hopefully this mood swing is just temporary and the rest of the week is downhill...