Friday, September 29, 2006

In My Dreams...

They say that a mother-to-be develops a mother's intuition early on, and can best "determine" the sex of her baby. Well with Enz, she really hasn't said either way; in fact, she still hasn't experienced "the feeling." Now whenever anyone asks us what we want, we give that same old response, "It doesn't matter, as long as the baby is healthy." No matter what people may think, its the truth.

Enz mentioned that she had a dream last night that she was holding a little boy. So maybe we're having a boy? Then again, she also said she had a dream that we had a little girl, and she called her by her name. So maybe we're having a girl? Who knows?

I've always said that I can see myself with a little Jerry Jr. running around trying to be just like his daddy. But on the other hand, I've always been a sucker for "Daddy's Little Girl". So when you ask me, I'll give that same answer, "as long as the baby is healthy." After all our talks, we truly don't have a preference at this point. The bottom line is that our baby will be loved!

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Hahaha, so last night after dinner, I was working in the office when Enza walked in, and she had the puppy dog look on her face as she said to me, "I think you're going to have to make a run." A run? I didn't understand what she was talking about. We just had a big dinner and we were both stuffed, so I asked her what she wanted. Well after a second or two, she looked up and said, "I think you need to make a run to The Fish Market." And here I was thinking she wanted calamari or some fried catfish, but sure enough, she wanted some chocolate covered strawberries! At first I thought she was joking, but then I realized that she wasn't laughing-she was dead serious! Needless to say, we jumped in the truck and picked up some of their famous strawberries. It was something like $6 for half a dozen, but when we looked in the box, the girl gave us seven of them. Good looking out! I know its still early in the game, but I guess I'm just preparing myself for the late night requests for chocolate chip pancakes, or that trip across town for gelato classico. Oh boy, I can't wait =)

Enz told me about a particular superstition regarding a pregnant woman's cravings. I guess if you don't satisfy the cravings, your baby will be born with a strange birthmark? Hmmm, can't really say that there's scientific evidence to support that theory, but its easy to humor those who believe it to be true. Then again, I think I've jumped every time Enz has made a request for "the baby" =)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The "Prego" Sisters

Last month, there was a baby shower for Baby Arbolante #2. Merr will be giving birth anytime soon now, and we're so excited to have yet another nephew to spoil! With Enza not too far behind, the family will just keep growing and growing! Here's one of the pics of the two pregnant sisters taken exactly one month ago. You can see Enza's belly starting to show, but its no match for Merr's! We wish nothing but the best of luck to the Arbolante's as they prepare for the coming of their next son!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Growing Pains?

This past weekend, Enz was experiencing a little discomfort whenever she walked. She felt as if she pulled a muscle and it was really bothering her whenever she had to get up from sitting, or if she had to turn suddenly. We weren't sure what to make of it, and since I'm not one for self-diagnosis, I encouraged her to call the doctor.

After speaking with the doctor, Enza was at ease. Apparently what she's feeling IS normal, in that it's her uterus that's growing. Sounds kinda gross, but its a fact of life =) She may have aggravated a muscle by moving wrong or what-not, but you can never time when that happens anyway. So the doctor told her to take it easy and to just be careful.

You know, as the weeks progress ever so quickly, I begin to realize that we're rapidly approaching the halfway point of this pregnancy. If we sit there and just think about it, both of us get really excited and at the same time, really nervous. Maybe its a nervous excitement? Who knows?! There's still a ton of stuff to do, and with the way things are moving, so little time. Oh boy, now comes the real test of our abilities to multi-task!!! It's ALL good, the end result is something we've been dreaming of for a long, long time...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Peanut at 17 weeks

How your baby's growing: Your baby weighs about 5 ounces now, and he's around 5 inches long — about the size of a large onion. He can move his joints, and his skeleton — until now rubbery cartilage — is starting to harden to bone. His sense of hearing is also developing. The umbilical cord, his lifeline to the placenta, is growing stronger and thicker.

Wow, we can't believe how quickly our little peanut, or should we say large onion, is developing! Time is moving SOOO quickly, and before we know it, our little one will be here....

Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Night With The Girls

The other night Enz met up with some of her girls and went out to dinner. Can you guess which two are pregnant?

Friday, September 22, 2006


It seems that Enz has been experiencing more frequent and intense heartburn ever since we found out we were pregnant. According to our doctor, it's all normal, so there's not much for us to worry about in that regard. I just wish there was something more I could do to comfort her as she experiences these bouts of nagging heartburn, but until there's a cure, there's TUMS....

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Nip/Tuck Fan?

Here's a funny thought. We've been watching the past seasons of the show Nip/Tuck, trying to get caught up with all the characters and storylines. The other day, when Peanut was really active, we were having a Nip/Tuck "marathon" of sorts. Nothing unusual about that. The next day Enz didn't feel a lot of movement, but that's what our doctor mentioned to us. She told us not to expect the same level of activity every day.

Well, last night we were watching the latest episode of Nip/Tuck and boom, Enz felt the baby moving. So my conclusion from all this is that maybe our little peanut REALLY likes Nip/Tuck. Hmmmmm.......

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What do YOU think?

Hump day, UGH! So I'm going to be sending the link to this blog to everyone so we can get your ideas on what sex the baby is. Enz mentioned that she was going to add your thoughts to the baby log, so here it is. We just want everyone to see what everyone else is guessing. That being said, what do you think we're having???

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Early movements

We had our monthly appointment to see the doctor today. We were able to hear the heartbeat right away, and the little peanut was moving around as well. So far everything is going well, we're just really anxious for the next ultrasound to determine what we're having.

The doctor was surprised to hear that we were able to feel the peanut moving around so early, although it is around this time that the movements can be felt. She mentioned that we shouldn't worry too much if Enz doesn't feel the movements all the time and with the same intensity. Like I said, the little one was just making his/her presence known... Tick tock......

Making presence known

Haha! Our little peanut has made his/her presence known yesterday with a big routine that went on through the evening! Enz told me that she was feeling the baby move around A LOT, and I was sure I wasn't going to be able to feel it. Once I put my hand on her belly, I was able to feel the little one moving around! You talk about a life changing experience, well this has to be one of those!

I thought for sure I was just tripping out, but I felt it again and again. Wow, we're really and truly having a baby!!!

Not quite sure if we're having a future wrestler, or a future gymnast. Whatever we have, we're going to love!! We're actually taking a little poll to get everyone's thoughts on what we're having. Its fun to hear what everyone's saying, as well as why they think that. Interesting....

Monday, September 18, 2006

Peanut's First Pictures

Last month, we took our Baby Peanut's first pictures. At this time, the head and body can be seen clearly. Enz & I were ecstatic when we saw these pics, and it erased any doubts we had about being pregnant.

Almost all of the guys have told me that its a life altering experience when you see the ultrasound. And I'm here to say that it's true. My life had already changed for the positive when we found out we were having a baby. It just became that much more real when I actually saw the little one. Such a touching moment for the both of us, one we'll NEVER forget...


So I attended the Big Time Wrestling show this past Saturday in Sunnyvale. I had a great time with my cousins, who, judging by their reactions, also had fun!

I'm posing here with The New Age Outlaws (Badass Billy Gunn & The Road Dogg Jesse James) and Ivory, three of my favorites from back in the day. What a trip and an honor to be in the ring with them.

I just wanted to post this so my little peanut can look back on this later on and laugh at what a real nut his/her daddy was......

Here's a video clip from the New Age Outlaw's entrance.

The New Age Outlaws

For all the DX fans out there, this should be pretty familiar. The cool thing about this is that Road Dogg said his part, and handed the mic to Billy Gunn who "acted" as if he forgot his lines. I shouted out what was next and Road Dogg acknowledged! Its great to be a fan!!!

Peanut at 16 weeks

How your baby's growing: At 4 1/2 inches long (head to bottom) and 3 1/2 ounces, your baby is about the size of an avocado. In the next three weeks, she'll go through a tremendous growth spurt, though, doubling her weight and adding inches to her length. Her lower limbs are much more developed now. Her head is more erect than it has been, and her eyes have moved toward the front of her head. Your baby's ears are close to their final position, too. Some of her more advanced body systems are working, including her circulatory system and urinary tract. Her heart is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood each day, circulating her total blood volume through her body many times. (By the end of your pregnancy, this will increase to about 190 quarts.) The patterning of her scalp has begun, though her hair isn't recognizable yet. Although closed, her eyes are moving (slowly), and she's even started growing toenails.

Today, for the first time, Enza felt actual movement of the baby! She has experienced a little fluttering from time to time, but said that the feeling today was a little different. I probably won't be able to feel it yet, but in the coming weeks, I'm sure it'll be more noticeable. I can't wait! It's stuff like this that makes me wish she was having the baby sooner.... Tick tock, tick tock......