Monday, April 14, 2008

Interesting weekend

This past weekend was a warm one, so we took advantage of the great weather and took the kids out. We didn't do anything or go anywhere spectacular, just spent some time outdoors. Both kids love to be outside, although it's more apparent in Makenna. She's able to let us know that she's enjoying everything she sees, while Isaiah just lounges in the stroller. We know he's enjoying himself because he's usually quiet during our walks.

Isaiah was a bit on the uncomfortably fussy side over the weekend, but not more than normal, or so we thought. During one of his early morning feedings, he decided to "share" it with mommy, if you know what I mean. He's never done that before, at least not at that volume, so that worried us a bit. So much so that we took a trip to the clinic just to have him checked out. His eating habits have changed recently, and we thought that he might have some sort of bug. The doctor wasn't able to determine anything wrong with the little guy, so she made some suggestions until we could see Isaiah's doctor. After the visit, little Zay was ok for the most part, and didn't feel like showing us what he just ate for the remainder of the weekend. We'll see how this pans out, but for now, the kid just keeps on growing. BTW, he's gained half a pound in the last two weeks, just to put it into perspective for you...

Makenna, on the other hand, loves to be out and about. Little Miss Independent is having a ball being able to play out in the back yard, or at the park. Since we've given her the freedom to roam the house, she thinks it's an invitation to get into anything and everything! Basically, she's showing us just how child-proof our house is NOT! On the flip-side, it's great having a little shadow following us around!

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