Monday, September 29, 2008

Fantastic weekend...

After a tiring weekend of working and playing, all the while trying to get over the last bit of being sick, we ended up getting a lot accomplished. It took a full month of weekends, complete with random days each week, but we were finally able to finish our big fireplace removal project. Now it's all about gaining some semblance of order in a home full of chaos (at least until the next project begins)!

The kids have gotten over the bug that bit us all, and it's safe to say that they're both back to their normal selves once again. Isaiah finally figured out that he can crawl from point A to point B faster than if he sat in one place and cried until someone picked him up to move him. He's become quite the fast mover, even though it's still his "combat crawl." We still think he'd rather stand up and walk than crawl, but until he gets the strength, balance and coordination in his legs, he'll continue to be mobile on his belly.

Makenna has been picking up some habits that we've been dreading since her birth. Much like all kids her age, she loves to say the word "no," even when she really means yes! What started off as cute, has become an expletive of her attitude. Not only does she say "no," but somehow she's picked up "no way," and she says it with such authority. We don't even know where she picked that up from! She's also started with the word "why," but I think she just says that because she's heard it and she's repeating, not because she really wants to know why. I'm sure once she speaks more clearly, then the question will come out, only then she'll be waiting for an answer!

Getting the kids out for an early morning stroll...

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