Thursday, September 25, 2008

In good spirits

So both Enz & I are back at work today, and we're hoping that Grandma has an ok day with the kids. They seemed to be in good moods this morning, and we hope that they didn't get too used to having us both there for nearly a week. I'm sure seeing Grandma is a welcome change for the both of them anyway!

Isaiah seems to be getting better, although he's been waking up around midnight these past few nights. It was probably due to his congestion and inability to breathe with his pacifier in his mouth, but he's been pretty punctual with this new and random wake up time. Once he goes back down though, he's usually out until around 6am. So we're hoping that once this virus passes, he'll be back to his old schedule again.

Makenna continues to be on the up and up, despite the sound of her cough and the drip from her nose. Even through this illness, she still provides a great source of entertainment, and has really enjoyed having the both of us home at the same time.

The kids quietly enjoying some reading time together...

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