Friday, September 19, 2008

Seen better days...

Well, the kids have definitely seen better days. It started off earlier this week when Makenna started showing us signs that her throat was bothering her, then it moved onto Isaiah and his congestion. Just when we thought we'd get through the week with fairly calm children, this wrench gets thrown into our gears, so to speak. To top it all off, Enz isn't feeling 100% either, which is a bummer because she just got over whatever bug was going around last week! I'll just wait patiently until my turn comes, but for now, I'll do my best to avoid it. We feel so badly for the kids when they're under the weather =( All they want is to be babied and be held, and with the both of us at work, it's up to Grandma to save the day! Here's to hoping that Grandma stays healthy too! Happy Friday!

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