Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy October

Now that we've gotten the house back into a state of semi-order, and the kids are back to normal, we can rest easy, if only for a little while. We've still got lots to work on, and a couple of birthday parties to attend to this weekend. As always, the weekends are never long enough, but I guess it's safe to say that particular statement becomes clearer when you have children!

The little big man is having a ball on his own, especially now that he can breathe freely again. We noticed that he's got another set of teeth coming in right beside his top two front teeth (which aren't fully out yet). His entire look is already starting to change with the addition of all the white in his mouth. He loves to happily gnaw on anything and everything he gets his hands on, and now that he's more mobile, we really have to be on our toes. It doesn't help that Makenna just hands everything over to him, but what can we do?! We just need to be extra wary of what Isaiah's doing and what he has in his hands.

Makenna has learned to let us know of her "bodily functions," and we're pretty jazzed about that. It looks like she's getting ready to go into the potty training phase of her development, and we hope that she picks up on that easily. She's been into "helping" out around the house, especially since she's gotten over her fear of the vacuum! I guess she just got used to the sound of it because we've had a lot of cleanup work to do around the house with the recent fireplace project. She's not much into the regular vacuum cleaner, but she likes messing with the shop-vac. What's the difference??? It's all good, we can hand this chore off to her since she likes it so much! Happy October!

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