Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Hump Day!

So we've been pretty fortunate with the little big man these past few days. Not that I'm trying to jinx us or anything, but Isaiah's been a lot calmer, and less fussy, which has been very noticeable by everyone who's seen him. We really can't put our finger on exactly what it was that got him to this point, but whatever it was, we're 100% grateful! And that's not to say that he was so unmanageable that we couldn't handle it, he was just so sensitive about everything, and that made him extremely fussy. I think a lot had to do with his two front teeth coming in, and now that they've actually broken through the gums, he's a happier camper! Check the picture, it's written all over his face =) Of course we're hoping that his mellow streak continues, because that just makes it easier for us to deal with other things without having to worry about what's bugging the little big man...
We've started a "tradition" of sorts at our house on Tuesdays. Some of the cousins come by to hang out and bs a little, watch some wrestling (yes, it's real), and whatever else catches our eye. We've been doing this for a while now, but we never realized just how much the kids enjoy the company. This especially pertains to Makenna since her bedtime is later than Isaiah's, but for the time that he's awake, he enjoys hanging out too! Not too long ago, one of the cousins (Ailyn) went off to school, so her Tuesday outings came to a temporary halt. Last night, we were able to connect with her via video chat and it was almost like she was kickin' it with us. While we were all hanging out having dinner, Makenna sat in front of the computer and "chatted" with Ailyn! We couldn't believe that she was just sitting there, not even messing around with the laptop, but just keeping herself entertained with her aunt! Anything Ailyn would do, Makenna would repeat, and it was so fun to watch. We probably could've had Ailyn "babysit" Makenna through the chat window, because that's what it seemed like she was doing, and Kenna was having a blast! The funniest part was that the screen would go black after a few minutes of inactivity, and anytime that happened, Kenna had enough smarts to know to touch one of the keys or the touchpad to bring the picture back on the screen! This one's getting too smart for us.... Happy Wednesday!

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