Thursday, September 04, 2008

Our silly children

Both Isaiah and Makenna never cease to amaze us with their developing personalities, regardless of how different they are from one another. The little big man will be 7 months old tomorrow, and thus far, he's pretty much on the same growth curve as Makenna was at that age (which wasn't too long ago). His top two front teeth are slowly making their presence felt, and these past few days have been tough for the little big guy =( Even through all the aches and pains, he still manages to come up with his mischievous grin every once in a while!

Makenna continues to amaze us with her quick learning abilities, and at the present time, she's really into imitating people's actions. Her vocabulary is increasing, and like I've mentioned before, she'll surprise us with a random word every now and then! Looks like we really need to buckle down on the offensive language, and learn to be more "G" rated, otherwise our little girl will have more words to practice! HA!

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