Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Still ill...

So I guess I can't claim to be Superman, because like everyone in the house, I too, fell victim to the bug. UGH! Not only was it tough to try and get some rest so that we could get better, but having to deal with two sick kids made it that much tougher. When it seemed like Makenna was on the downside of the bug, her cough came back in full force, and it did not sound pleasant. Over the last few days, Isaiah has been the epitome of a "mama's boy." Sure, we understand that he's not feeling well, in fact, he's probably got it the worst of all. But on top of all that, he developed a new and improved "needy" cry! One can only handle so much of this new sound before going bananas! I was able to get going and get to work today, but I'm not sure it'll be a full day since it seems that Enza got worse, AGAIN! I don't think she'll be able to handle both kids on her own, especially since she's not anywhere near 100%.

Enz called the doctor yesterday for some advice, and after a few minutes of talking, they suggested we bring Isaiah in, mainly because he's still a baby. They weren't so concerned with Makenna since she's older, but they figured they might as well see her too since she would be there with us anyway. It turned out they both had low grade fevers. Makenna was in great spirits, so after looking her over they let us know that she just had whatever virus is going around. Isaiah, on the other hand, developed a bit of wheezing in his chest, and even lost a little weight. They started him on an inhaler just to get him over the hump, so hopefully that'll help get rid of any discomfort in his chest. He'll just have to ride the remainder of the bug out, and then we should see his happy disposition back real soon =)

Isaiah loves Marino

Makenna rides her pup

Marino's been a big help keeping the kids entertained while they're under the weather...

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