Monday, September 15, 2008

Another short weekend...

Yet another weekend has come & gone fairly quickly, without much time to do anything, so is life... Much of the weekend was spent working on the house again, especially after tearing down the fireplace last week. It seems like the work will never end, but oh well! Can't wait until these kids are big enough to help out!

Both kids were in decent moods this weekend, although Isaiah takes the award for being "most dramatic." We're still not quite sure what sets him off when he has his little crying fits, but we do know that when he is cranky, Makenna's enthusiasm doesn't help calm him. We also know that his top two teeth are finally breaking through the gums, so it'll be a trip to see what he looks like with four teeth! On Sunday, while the girls were out shopping, Isaiah and I were deep into football, switching back & forth between all the games (you gotta love NFL Sunday Ticket). Can't really call it, but he didn't fuss much during the games. I'm not sure if it was because he was just watching TV, or if maybe in his developing little mind, he was really enjoying the game. Whatever it was, I hope it continues to develop, because I had a great time bonding with my little big man! Of course the Dolphins added another check mark in the Loss column, but for the local teams, Sunday was a good day... As for the Makalicious one, her personality just seems to develop more and more on a daily basis. Because the house is up in shambles at the moment, it's been a bit difficult to get in the spirit of the upcoming holidays as Enz loves to do so much (I think she's taken a cue from her sister). In the meantime, Enz decided to put up some decorations for Halloween, and right away, Makenna took notice. It didn't take long for her to distinguish between a ghost, a pumpkin, a witch, & a spider! Looks like Makenna might have gotten the Halloween bug from her auntie??

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