Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tale of the tape

Makenna had her 18 month doctor visit yesterday, and aside from the shot, she handled everything well. Her doctor was impressed at her current skill level, and was equally impressed at her growth. Ever since she became mobile, she's been a lot more active, and the way she grew changed as well. I think this is the first time that her three growth measurements have "evened out" with one another. Previously, her height was always in the lower percentile, while her weight was always in the higher end. Her head circumference has been big from day 1, so that's a given! Over the last few doctor visits, we've noticed that she had only gained a pound or two, and at one point, she even lost weight! Her height changed slightly over the last few visits, keeping her in the "short" classification. Hey, neither Enz nor myself are towering individuals, so it's safe to assume that Kenna's height would be average. Yesterday, though, she shot up a couple of inches, and that was a shock to the both of us!

That being said, here are Kenna's measurements:

Height: 32 inches, 75th percentile

Weight: 26.10 pounds, 75th percentile

Head Circumference: 42.75, 75th percentile

It's no doubt in anyone's mind, regardless of these numbers, that Kenna's growing up fast. Days seem to be a lot more fun since she's communicating a lot more, and imitating everyone & everything she sees! It won't be long until Isaiah's at that point!

Makenna's big girl dress

If I haven't already mentioned, the little big man finally said his first word, and it was a very important one: Dada! Sure it's still left up to interpretation, but when you hear it, it's unmistakable! It usually comes out when he's really hungry and we're taking way too long to get his food ready. It starts of as a bit of a whiny sound, but then it turns into "dada." Whenever we try to get him to say it, he looks at us like we're crazy, and then Makenna will say it over and over, as if to show us that she knows how to say it already. It could also be that she's showing her brother how to say it, but nevertheless, it's a great sound to hear from either one of them!

The Dolphins lost their first home game because Isaiah drooled all over his shirt...

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