Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Long Weekend

Although it was still pretty hot, we had a very enjoyable Labor Day weekend! Saturday we took a drive out to Manresa State Beach where the family was doing their yearly camping trip. We only went out for the day, and looking back, we wished we had planned it better and stayed for the weekend. We jumped the gun early and decided that it may be a bit much for Makenna, but after being there for most of the day on Sataruday, we noticed that she was enjoying herself.

We started sitting her up in her stroller and she's loving it. We probably could've done it a little earlier, but she never really made a peep about being in her carrier, so we let her ride that one out. As she sits facing forward in her stroller, we see just how curious she is as she takes in all the sights from her new vantage point!

On Sunday, we spent the first part of the day relaxing from Saturday. All that excitement wore us out! In the evening, we went and hung out with the Arbolantes so the little cousins could have some time together. It was still fairly warm throughout the afternoon and into the evening, and we took all the kids for an afternoon stroll to the park. We put Makenna in one of the swings and she loved it, although it got old really fast for her! She was still tired from the day before, and we know that if we put her in the swing earlier, she would've love to stay in it longer. Oh well, baby steps...

Labor Day turned out to be just that for us, as Kenna did not have a good day. It felt like we had to do so much work, not only to keep her entertained, but to keep her from acting so fussy. Not sure if it was the heat, the fatigue, or if it was her teeth, but whatever it was, kept her from being her usual smiley self. Everyone is entitled to an off day every now and then, and we know this won't be her last, but we're hoping it will be her last one for a while! She didn't want to nap, she didn't want to sleep, she didn't even want to play. It was just one of those days where she didn't want to be alone. She finally went down for the night, but it took time & effort from the both of us to get her to ultimately tire herself out. It's hard seeing her like this, but guess it's just a fact of life... C'est la vie....

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