Thursday, September 13, 2007

Daddy's Girl for sure!

Aside from all of Kenna's quirks, sounds & noises, she's consistently surprising us with her ability to imitate. She can make her favorite sound (raspberry) on command, and will even mimic us whenever we do it first. She's already doing the whole "gimme five" thing, although sometimes it takes a little coaxing for her to figure out what we're asking.

Its very enjoyable to see how curious she's become while trying to imitate what Mommy & Daddy do. What's even more enjoyable was the sound that she made yesterday on her own, and it wasn't a fluke! On more than one occasion, and in front of witnesses, Kenna busted out with "da-da-da-da!" I didn't believe it until I heard it, and it wasn't even left to interpretation. It was clear as day, she said "da-da." Both grandmothers heard it, as well as Enz & myself. And with that, we're just waiting to hear her say "ma-ma" next!

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