Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Makenna's new thing is to chew on, suck on or play with a frozen washcloth. Enz started this once we noticed her elevated fuss level, and it seems to do the trick. Not only does she chew on it, she likes to cover her face and even wear the cloth on top of her head! She can do what she likes with it as long as she keeps herself entertained without hurting herself.

As mentioned before, Kenna has been working on sitting upright. She's able to sit up for longer periods of time without immediately toppling over, and she's even getting brave enough to reach for her toys while sitting up. We're still using her bebe pod on occasion, which aids in teaching kids to sit up, and she's realized a new found interest in using it again. She's still not crawling yet, but we've noticed movement that leads us to believe that it may begin sometime soon. We're also doing our best to make sure she's as comfortable as possible as her baby chompers make their way in. That's all for now, hope everyone has a terrific Labor Day weekend! Enjoy!

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Aileen & Mitch said...

hahaha...Amelie's doing the same thing...peekaboos with blankets, burp pads and even toys...She's starting to get fussy too...I think she's teething. As far as crawling, Amelie's trying to do some "GI Joe crawl" (combat crawl)...but her arms doesn't seem to follow with her legs yet, so sometime soon. Amelie will be 9 months next week. Looks like Makenna is starting really early. Did you guys find out what you are having yet? Can't wait to hear Makenna's new sis/brother.