Friday, September 21, 2007

Kenna's first full day with Grandma

Yesterday was Makenna's first day with Grandma, and when I went to pick her up after work, it seemed like all went well. Both Grandma and Kenna were having a great time, and according to Grandma, Kenna didn't give her any problems. It must have been one of Kenna's good days, which made it extra special for Grandma, especially since it was her first time watching the baby alone.

We'll admit, both Enz & I were a bit apprehensive at first. I mean, c'mon now, it's been well over 35 years since my mom has had the responsibility of raising a baby. So it was safe to say that she suffered from a bit of "ring rust" if you will. Our biggest reservation was that we didn't want her to change up Makenna's routine, especially since Makenna's been really good about doing things the same, day in and day out. But my mom was able to follow through and with Makenna being in such a great mood, it made it that much easier for us to put our guard down.

With that, now we can ease my mom into more and more responsibilities as Kenna continues to grow. We're counting on both of Makenna's grandmothers now more than ever because Baby Coconut will be with us sooner than we think! Happy Friday and have a terrific weekend!

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