Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dada's Little Girl

To some, this may sound like a bunch of noise, but if you listen carefully, Kenna is saying dada! It usually starts off as lalala and then she gets the hang of changing it up. She's been saying dada for a couple of weeks off and on, but the last couple of days she's been fairly consistent with it, even saying it on command! We're working on getting her to say mama, but we're pretty sure she'll end up saying "Marino" first! Turn up you speakers for this one & enjoy!

On a different but equally exciting note, Enza finally felt Baby Coconut "flutter" last night! What made this extra special was that the fluttering went on for most of the evening after dinner, and well into the night. Enza was actually beginning to wonder why she hadn't been able to feel this baby, especially since she's hit the 20 week mark. Our next appointment isn't for another couple of weeks, so the fact that she hadn't distinctly felt the baby move made her worry just a little bit. After last night, our little coconut erased all doubts by making his/her presence known! Maybe it was the hamburger Mommy ate for lunch? Hmmm, another beef eater-looks like we'll be having another big one! Happy Hump Day!

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