Friday, September 07, 2007

Makenna is 6 months old today!

First off, Happy 6 month birthday to the little stinker! Seriously, where has the time gone? It seems like we just went through the whole process of getting everything ready for her arrival, and here we are six months later! We're experiencing a bit of deja vu at the moment, with preparations for Baby Coconut's arrival. It's strange how life works, especially with the thought of our children being only 11 months apart. Any closer and they'd be twins! We'll see just how Kenna handles sharing the spotlight!

We breathed a giant sigh of relief last night! WHEW! Kenna was a bit more calm and relaxed, and we were able to put her down for the night without much of a fight. Grandma came by for dinner and some quality time with her little angel, probably tiring her out in the process. She also got to see Kenna as she enjoyed bath time. As we prepare to start the little one on solids, we're having her join us at the dinner table in her high chair. Grandma had a great time watching Kenna watch us, and she did so last night without any fuss. She seems so interested in what we're eating, and all of us are anxious to see her initial reaction to having something other than milk! Happy Friday everyone!

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