Thursday, September 27, 2007

Belly crawling...

Now that Kenna can easily sit up on her own, we've noticed just how much she enjoys it. She really likes sitting on the floor whenever Barney is on, she enjoys sitting up in her high chair, and now she really enjoys bath time! Sitting up in the bath gives her the opportunity to play with the bubbles and splash around rather than being on her back "stewing in her own filth" so to speak! Hehehe, she's not that dirty!

Lately, we've seen great changes in the little one. Yesterday the both of us were playing with Kenna and we noticed just how persistent she's become. She has pretty much mastered going from a sitting up position to a crawling stance. From the crawling position, she knows how to get where she needs to go, even though she hasn't quite learned how to coordinate her legs & arms in order to actually crawl.

Last night though, we heard her grunting and pushing so we kept a watchful eye on her as she attempted to move forward towards her toys. She tried rolling over and spinning on her belly, but neither one of those attempts took her in the right direction. That's when she did it-she started to crawl forward, little by little. She hasn't picked up on it yet, but by the looks of it, she should be extremely mobile very soon! For now, she's practicing her army crawl, and once I get a chance, I'll catch that on video.

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