Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm a big kid, look what I can do...

Although it rained a bit this weekend, we didn't let the presence of foul weather keep us from doing what we had to do. Of course the majority of things had to be done while it rained, so we ended up dropping the little one off at Nonna's house so we wouldn't have to deal with exposing her to the elements. Besides, Nonna hadn't seen Makenna for a few days, so it made for some nice "catch-up" time for the two.

Sunday we met up with some friends for breakfast, and this was the first time they got to meet Kenna. Sure they've seen pictures and heard stories, but this time they actually got to see Kenna in person, hold her & play with her. It took Kenna all but two minutes to warm up to them! Since Kenna has gone through a major growth spurt as of late, and now that she's capable of sitting up on her own, we put her in a high chair for the first time at breakfast. Initially she sat in the chair and stared at it, but after a minute or two, it was like she was at home and she just went about her business.

Later that day, we took her to the store and figured that since she was big enough to sit in a high chair, the same should apply to a shopping cart. Sure enough, she enjoyed the ride! The first thing she did, as do all kids around her age, was try to put her mouth on the handle of the cart! YUCK! Once we strapped her in, she wasn't able to reach the handle and just sat back and minded her own business as we pushed her through the store. Seeing her grow so fast is making us worry that we won't be quite as prepared for the next one. The time is moving so fast, and since we're so involved with watching Kenna go through all these new stages, we sometimes forget that there's another one on the way!

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