Thursday, September 06, 2007

Much more of the same...

What started off as a better day than the past few, ended in the same manner as the past few! Enza had the day off so she was able to keep a watchful eye on Makenna to see if her fussiness level had died down a bit. In the morning, it appeared that little Kenna was in a great mood, happily enjoying herself. It wasn't until she had to go down for her afternoon nap that things started to change again.
She fought the urge to sleep, and just messed around in her crib. Once Enza decided that Kenna wasn't going to take her nap, she brought her back out and entertained her. Kenna was doing ok until I got home later in the afternoon. Once she saw me walk in, she lost her concentration and stopped eating. It was so nice to see her smile when she saw me! But behind that devilish little grin, lay the tired and cranky beast, just waiting for the most inopportune moment to break free! UGH! By the early evening, both Enz & I had our fill of Kenna's whiny cry, and although we understand that she can't tell us exactly what's wrong, that specific cry will drive anyone to drink! Hehehehe, gotta love those growing pains!
Even though she tests our patience with days like this, its the days where she's so happy and bubbly that more than make up for it! Thank God that the better days far outweigh the bad days!

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