Friday, August 08, 2008

Yet another Happy Friday!

Ahhhh, another Friday is upon us and the weekend is just beginning. The kids are as entertaining as ever. I've mentioned that Zae has fallen into a more predictable routine, which is a really good thing for all of us. He's gotten to the point where he lets us know exactly when he's hungry, needs to be changed, or when he's tired. Before, it was almost hit or miss, where he'd be giving us some of his signs and we'd misinterpret them. Could it be that he's finally got us trained now?? Hahaha! We've noticed that he can stay up longer between naps, and have even cut out his 3rd nap on occasion, depending on how he acts. When we're all home, he likes to be up with us, even when he's tired - almost like he doesn't want to miss anything. I think he picked that up from his sister, but who knows? As you can see in the following pics, he's teetering on the edge of tiredness as he tries to maintain his happy disposition and fight through the yawns!

Our little hula dancer is doing her version of a traditional Hawaiian dance! I've said it in plenty of previous posts how Makenna loves to perform, and this past week she really showed us just how much she loves doing so. We had some of our cousins over and Uncle Alex happened to bring his guitar. Every time Kenna sees it, she goes crazy! This time, mommy decided to dress Kenna up in her little hula outfit, to see what she'd do. We thought she'd immediately be distracted by all the cool stuff and different textures, but to our surprise, she kept on dancing. In fact, that was probably some of her best dancing to date! None of us showed her anything, we just let her run wild, and she had a great time doing it too! It was only after the novelty wore off that she stopped to play with her coconuts... Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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