Thursday, August 07, 2008

Happy 17 months Makenna!

First and foremost, allow me to apologize for yesterday's post for being "out of sorts" if you will. I don't know why it came out that way, but it did, and no matter how I change up the code, it still comes out jumbled. Nevertheless, I'm sure you were still able to catch a glimpse of our little performers hamming it up for the camera!

So today, Makenna hit the 17 month mark, and for those who have been around her lately, you've probably noticed that she' become a lot more vocal. On a daily basis, we're hearing new & different words in her vocabulary. She's so funny to listen to because she'll be babbling and babbling, but she'll put emphasis on certain sounds, and will even go so far as to end her statement with a question mark, as if she's really asking something! Or, she'll talk her jibberish and then throw in a random word. The other day, she was "talking" to Enz while standing in front of the refrigerator, and then mentioned the word "magnet." Enz was like, "huh?" Hehehehe, now we really need to carefully watch what comes out of our mouths, because this little girl is picking up on stuff fast! Happy 17 months little Mak!

Zae man has found a good rhythm these last couple of days. Ever since we started with the cereal, he's been a lot more content after he's eaten, and he's become more predictable. He really takes notice of his sister, but that's mainly because she's always in his face! Lately he's been reaching out to her, and when she's nearby, he'll grab onto whatever he can of hers, hair included! They have yet to fight, but that's probably around the corner. There are times where we have to remind Makenna that Isaiah's still a baby, but for the most part, she's very good at making him laugh and smile!
When the two can play together quietly, it makes life that much easier for us. Since they're only 11 months apart,(yeah we still can't believe that sometimes) they enjoy some of the same shows. In this picture, they were both mesmerized by Elmo, and wouldn't shift their gaze for two seconds for me to take this picture!

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