Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Teething pains

The little big man Isaiah has been one happy camper as of late. It appears that he might be getting another tooth or two, but this time around, he's not letting it bring him down. He's been in a much better mood, and it seemed to change like that last week, right around the time he hit the six month mark. I think we read somewhere that something "magical" is supposed to happen at that time, so we ask ourselves, "is it a coincidence?" Who cares?! His fussiness subsided for the time being, and we're loving this side of him! He's so cheery that it puts us all in a great mood =)

Mr. Sunshine
It's apparent that these last few teeth that are coming in for Makenna, are really making her feel down. One minute she'll be as happy as can be, and then the next minute, she'll be extremely clingy and whiny. When she's on the down side, she won't eat much, and when she does eat, she quickly loses interest in whatever she's eating. For the most part, she still manages to let her smile shine through.

Enjoying her plush, new chair (thank you Zio Dino & Zia Rosa!)

Makenna is also going through one of her little phases. Some might say it's her terrible two's, others may call it sibling rivalry, but whatever it is, we're doing our best to be patient and work her through it. As much as she loves playing with her little brother, we can see the instances where a bit of jealousy will rear it's ugly head. Since Zae is sitting more upright now, he's able to play with different toys, not just teething rings & rattles. These toys include ones that Kenna's grown out of, or has lost interest in. But once she sees her brother playing with one of her "old" toys, she won't have it, and does her best to take it away from him, or move him out of the way to play with it herself! What a little stinker! Even as we introduce new & different things for her to play with, she'll still revert to older toys, as if she's already learned what ownership means! Eventually she'll share her stuff, but there are times where she needs to be reminded. And of the times she doesn't share, she usually makes her brother cry =(

Makenna pulls Isaiah away from one of "her" toys

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