Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to the grind...

Yet another weekend came and went so quickly! The kids had a great time at their swimming lesson on Saturday, and were in great moods for the remainder of the day. Not only did they get to play in the water, but Grandma, Nonno & Nonna were all there to watch them splish-splash. Isaiah continued to prove that he's part fish by dunking his own face in the pool without taking in any water, while Makenna remained shy around the lifeguards but performed her kicks with Mommy & Daddy. Now how will she ever become a performer if she gets shy like that?!!

Zae boy was in a great mood all weekend. Even on Sunday, when he didn't nap much, and we took him out to visit everyone, he was all smiles - for the most part =) He loves to be outdoors, and will not normally fuss when we're outside. It's when we're cooped up indoors that he gets a little stir crazy. Aside from some new movement in his gums, and his stomach issues, he was very cheerful, and even allowed us to get a great shot of him showing off his first two teeth!

Little Mak was also cheery, but her sunny disposition didn't last all weekend =( While she had a blast swimming on Saturday, she wasn't quite as cheerful as the weekend wore down. Yesterday, her last few teeth were coming in, and they were coming in hard. Not quite sure what she's got going on, but it looks like one of her molars is busting through, making for a very cranky child. It's hard not to get frustrated when everything you do doesn't seem to help. The flare up eventually calmed down, and she was able to end her weekend on a mellow note. She's only got a couple of choppers left, and once those are in, then we can say "adios" to her teething pain!

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