Monday, August 04, 2008

Water-filled weekend...

This past weekend was an exciting one for the entire family! When I mentioned "water-filled," I didn't mean that it was bath night! On Saturday, the kids started had their very first swim class, although it really wasn't much but splashing around in the pool. Isaiah started off with a look of confusion, but once he finally figured out that it was a lot like a giant bath, he took to it like a fish, literally! And though he's still working on the coordination in his arms and legs, he was able to understand when we told him to kick! He also enjoyed floating on his back more than he did on his belly. The most surprising part of it was that he would dip his face into the pool on his own, and pop up with the water trickling down his face! We were both immediately surprised that he showed no fear in getting down in the drink!!

Makenna had a blast once we got her in the water. She didn't hesitate to get in and was screaming happily and loudly. One of the instructors was immediately drawn to her when she saw how much fun she was having. But once the instructor started talking to her, Kenna got a bit shy and quiet. It was only after she left and came back that Kenna warmed up to her. Kenna loved working on her tummy float, but didn't care for the feeling of water on her face. She's like that in the bathtub-she freaks out a bit when water runs down her face. It'll be interesting to see how she reacts when we get to dunk the kids...

preparing for their first swim class

monkeying around like brothers and sisters do

Later that day, we took a drive out to Alameda for the christening and maiden voyage of Uncle Sal's new sailboat "Taverna." Congratulations to Uncle Sal for seeing his dream come to fruition! We all had a great time taking his new baby for a "spin," and hopefully we can do it again soon. It'll be fun to get the boat out in the open water with the sails up. For now, we settled for a cruise around the estuary, but that in itself was a great little ride!

Captain Sal at the helm anxiously awaiting the maiden voyage on the Taverna
First mate???

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