Monday, August 25, 2008

A fun weekend for the kids

Yet another fun and relaxing weekend for the gang. It started off smoothly on Friday evening. Since Mommy was out, Daddy was at home with the kids, and as always, they were angels =) Little Zae boy had a feeding frenzy, and it seemed as if he couldn't get full. When he finally did, he was exhausted! At his bedtime, he had no problems laying still while I read him a couple of stories. Usually he'll fuss around during his wind down time, but he was pooped! When I put him down in his crib, he did a couple of body position changes, but was completely out in no time! Kenna was pretty much the same. Since she's already got her routine down, we don't really have any issues putting her down for the night.

Saturday, we took the kids to a birthday party at the park. Jake was celebrating his 2nd birthday, and had a big bash which both kids enjoyed. Isaiah entertained everyone with his contagious little laugh! We've heard it before, but never in this magnitude, as Zae continued to laugh whenever he was hit with a balloon (I'll post the video sometime soon). He enjoyed being out, especially around a lot of people with a lot of noise. We've noticed that he appears to have a bit of separation anxiety, and will look around almost frantically if either myself or Enz aren't nearby. It's funny because Makenna isn't like that, but hey, two different personalities...

Makenna loved playing on the playground, even though she's still a little apprehensive about going down the slide on her own. But once Mommy convinced her to go down together, she was all for it, and kept wanting to go up and then down! I think she wore Mommy out! Kenna continues to be her own little free spirit, and will have a blast playing by herself. At one point, she was playing with some balloons, having a good old time, and upon hearing her laughter, a couple of older kids (around 8 or 9 years old) kept her company. She likes playing with bigger kids, probably because she's around more adults than children her own age!

Isaiah can't stop laughing...

He who has the remote control, controls everything?

Hanging out @ Makenna's crib... Mommy & Kenna getting ready to slide
Kenna entertaining the big kids...

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