Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hump Day

Ahhh, another Wednesday another trip to the doctor for Isaiah. It seems like we take him to the doctor all the time, and if it's not his pediatrician, it's the GI specialist he's been seeing for his stomach issues. By this age, Makenna had pretty much outgrown her acid reflux, so we're wondering why it's so different with Zae boy. While Kenna's slowly tapered off, it seems to come and go in waves with Zae. He'll be 100% fine for a week or two; he'll sleep well and not wake up cranky, he'll eat like a champ without any fuss, and he'll go #2 regularly. Times like that allow us to relax a bit and put our guards down. Then he'll do a quick 180 and he'll start arching his back when he eats, he'll whine or cry all the time, finding no comfort in anything, his sleep becomes restless, and he'll get backed up like bad plumbing! Tensions tend to run a little high in the house when Zae's not feeling well =( For the most part, this last week has been a good one, and the little monster has been in a great mood!

Our happy little Fins Fan...
The Makalicious one continues to be our source of entertainment, especially when her little brother is down in the dumps (no pun intended). Many have seen her numerous dance routines, and every time she busts one out, it's enough to make anyone smile. We've been toying with the idea of starting Makenna in some type of dance class, and it's become clearer that she may be headed in that direction. Members of the family who are or were involved in dance, have expressed an interest in Kenna's ability to perform, and would be more than willing to take her under their wing. Wow, looks like the video camera will get more use in the near future. Happy Wednesday!

Kenna's new hawaiian outfit - she couldn't wait to try it on!

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