Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tale of the tape

Isaiah had his 6 month checkup yesterday, and aside from having to get more shots, everything went well. The doctor was a bit more optimistic regarding Isaiah's acid reflux, and even believed that he was slowly outgrowing it. Continuing Zae on his meds isn't such a big deal anymore, especially now that he likes taking them! Zae's growth is obviously progressing and here are his latest measurements to prove it:

WEIGHT: 18 pounds, currently in the 60th percentile
HEIGHT: 26 inches, currently in the 25th percentile
HEAD: 44.25 centimeters, currently in the 60th percentile

In a nutshell, our chubby little man with a big head is short =) Isaiah didn't mind being at the doctor's office, he just took it in stride up until he had his shots. He got three this time, and he was a bit on the pissy side after getting them. After the initial outburst, he was unusually quiet. I thought he was taking it like a big boy, and was instantly proud of his ability to handle the pain. Little did I know he was holding his breath! When he finally came up for air, he let out his loud and painful cry, but it was short lived as Mommy shifted his focus onto his bottle. All in all, it was a good checkup and his next visit won't be for another few months. That one should be a good one too, as he won't be getting any shots =)

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