Thursday, July 19, 2007

On a roll.....

Enz called me from home this morning to let me know that Kenna hit one of her milestones this morning. Today, during her daily "tummy-time" session, Kenna rolled over on her own, from her belly to her back! She's been working and working on this for some time now, and just when it seemed like she'd follow through, she'd just plop right back into place.

Actually, she would start off on her back and would turn over onto her side, just past 50% of the way with her body, and about 75% of the way with her head. She would do this to see what was on tv, or to find a toy, or just to see where we were if we weren't close to her. We figured that it was only a matter of time, and sure enough, she finally did it! I wasn't home to see it, so I'm hoping she'll do it again so I can rule it out as a fluke!

About 2 months ago, while laying on the couch, she rolled over on her own, and that was exciting to witness. While we thought she'd be able to do it again, she didn't, so we pretty much ruled that one out as coincidence. Let's see if she can follow through again!

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