Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The kids enjoying one another

Kenna has always been pretty observant of her surroundings, and as of late, she's really been into Marino. The pup is always trying to sneak in a kiss every now and again, especially when we aren't looking, and that's ok. We know that he'll be really good with her as she continues to grow.

Last night while Marino was frolicking in the back yard, I decided to bring Makenna outside so she could watch the pup as he played around. When I called Marino over and spoke commands to him, Makenna was beside herself and laughed so hard she lost her breath! This went on for a good 15 minutes, and the laughs were non-stop. No matter what I asked of Marino, sit, speak, jump, Makenna would burst out into laughter! Its an awesome sound to hear such an adult laugh coming from such a "small" child. It seems like she's really getting into this furry creature who roams around the house! She even had an opportunity to gently pet Marino on the head without the pup trying to lick her hands off!

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