Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday Cousin Elliott!

Last Friday, Elliott turned 3, and his birthday party was at the park on Saturday. It was fun to see everyone enjoying themselves during the celebration. Little Kenna had a great time visiting with the family and was able to hang out for the entire fiesta. She did take a couple of power naps, and we were surprised that she was able to do so in such foreign surroundings with tons of commotion all around.

We've noticed that Elliott has a certain charm around his baby cousin, and that he's able to make her chat and laugh just by looking at her! He's always been so gentle when he sees her, and knows to give her kisses whenever they see each other. She's so fortunate to have such a caring cousin and role model, and we're glad they've become so close at such a young age! Once Wesley is able to walk and talk, we're sure he'll be the same way with little Kenna.

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