Friday, July 06, 2007

Fun on the Fourth

Although the temperature was on the high side, we all had a blast with the family on Makenna's first Fourth of July. The traditional fireworks weren't present this year, and even if they were, they would've been on past her bedtime anyway! This first picture is of her patriotic outfit. The section that reads America's Sweetheart is near her left hand, and she was so intrigued by it, she wouldn't let me take a picture of it!

Because it was a little on the warm side, Enz opted to put little Kenna is this "ladybutt" outfit. We're pretty sure she remained on the cool side...

And finally, here are a couple of pics of the kids messing around. While its tough to get them all to look at the same spot, its still fun to take these shots. It won't be too long before we can get them to concentrate for a second or two and take better shots! Nevertheless, we love what we can get out of them!

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