Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Monday!

Today marked Enza's first day back into the working world. Also, this was Makenna's first day at "Nonna's Day Care!" When I went to pick little Kenna up this afternoon, I found out that her schedule had been thrown off a bit, possibly due to the change in surroundings. Nonna did her best to keep Kenna on her routine, but since things were different, Kenna found it a little difficult. Nonna did a great job though, and we're very thankful!

Makenna was tired when I got to her, and she didn't flash me her signature smile until we arrived home. I guess she felt much better when she got back into her comfort zone. I'm sure all that will change soon enough, once she realizes that these daily trips to Nonna's will become her new routine. Shortly afterwards, she'll have to go through yet another change when she starts splitting her time between Nonna's house & Grandma's house.

It was good to see Enz when she got home, and it was even better to see that she was in great spirits! We thought the first day back might be a little tough, but in all honesty, I think she missed the daily interaction with her co-workers as well as her patients. As much as she loves spending every waking moment with little Kenna, it's good for her to get away, even if it is for work! While Enz added dropping off the baby to her morning routine, I've added picking her up. Its not a big deal, its just another step into making the both of us feel like parents....

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