Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Friday!

Yet another end to another week and it's really starting to hit us just how big the "little one" is getting. Not only are we noticing the physical aspect of it, her 3-6 month clothes are fitting just a little snug, but her development is throwing us for a loop as well! It may not seem like much, especially for those who already have kids, but just watching her go through such simple changes is amazing!

The one thing that had us in stitches is the way she sleeps. Normally she'd be swaddled in her blanket through a good portion of the night, and when it comes time to get up, she would mysteriously break free (think Harry Houdini). This morning we found Kenna sleeping soundly, out of her blanket of course, only this time she was asleep on her side. What a grown up! She can't completely turn over on her own just yet, but this little side sleeper has just shown us that she'll probably be able to do so pretty soon! Slow down little one, there's no rush to grow older!

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