Tuesday, July 17, 2007

An Evening with Daddy

I had the privilege to spend some one-on-one, quality time with Kenna while Enz went out with her sisters & dad to celebrate a belated Father's Day. Now, I do spend as much time with my little girl as possible, but Enz is usually around since she's still off of work. Even though Kenna was only up for a few hours before retiring for the evening, we still had a blast! That's not to say that we downed some beers and tossed the old football around. But we did enjoy watching the same episode of Barney over and over again, which in fact, has become one of her favorite shows. What is it about that purple dinosaur?? Is that what he's supposed to be???

This is a plastic cup that Uncle Ricky & Auntie Merr got for Kenna when they recently took the boys to the aquarium. As you can see, it's still a bit big for Kenna, but we gave it to her anyway so she can get some practice on how to hold the thing. Of course had it been full, she'd definitely have milk all over her face given the position she's in. Duh!

Kenna & I decided to ham it up for the cam, well, more so her than me. Don't quite know what it is about the camera, but whenever it's out, Kenna let's the world know that's she's capable of working it! Such a ham!

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