Sunday, July 15, 2007

Eventful weekend

Our little ham had an eventful weekend. In fact, we all did. On Saturday evening, we went out sans child, leaving her at home with Grandma Lou & Aunt B. What a learning experience it was for the three of them. It was Grandma & Aunt B's first time watching the little one, with the added responsibility of putting her down for the night, and it was Makenna's first real babysitting experience. Apparently things went well for the most part, and even though Grandma & Auntie were able to follow our guidelines, little Kenna knew that it wasn't her Mommy or Daddy putting her down. According to Aunt B, Kenna showed them that she really has discovered her voice before finally exhausting herself and retiring for the evening. Whew! I'm sure once Kenna gets used to having others put her down, she won't be as fussy, but for now, we'll just keep on keepin' on....

Just a family shot prior to leaving the little munchkin for the first time. Enz & I had a great time at the Greek-Hawaiian party. Thanks Donna & Ron for inviting us and always thinking of us!

Sunday, we enjoyed an outing in Santa Cruz with the Arbolante family. The weather was no less than perfect, and the little kids enjoyed themselves. The big kids even had a blast, aside from the traffic and parking situation. As always, Kenna enjoyed being out in the open and looking at all the cool things to see on the beach & boardwalk. Its always fun to watch how she interacts with her cousins, and its a great feeling to know that she's growing up so closely with them. Both Elliott & Wesley are so gentle with her, and we can't wait to see them all playing together, especially when Wesley & Kenna are up and running!

In her four months, she's been to beach three times! How lucky is that? I don't think I went to the beach that many times as a kid, let alone in the first four months of life! Then again, things were a lot different soooooo long ago.

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