Friday, October 10, 2008


We made it through another week, and from what we've seen, it was a good one! Isaiah has been most agreeable as of late, and was able to get over the pain hump of his latest teeth. On a daily basis, he's becoming easier to read when it comes to being hungry and/or tired. Since he's a bit more mobile now (he has really gotten into his combat crawl), he's all over the place. When I say all over the place, I mean just that! One second he's in the family room playing with Makenna, and in the blink of an eye, he's crawling through the kitchen, taking momentary breaks when he gets tired! It's time to rebuild our "gated community" again, the one that Makenna knows all too well!

extreme closeup...

Big sister Makenna has been equally as happy, especially now that Mommy has a lot of holiday decorations throughout the house. Right now, she's into the "helpful" stage where she wants to get her hands on everything just so she can help out. She knows where things go too. When I get home, I usually give her my wallet so she can put it on my nightstand. She knows that her shoes should go by the door. She knows that every night before bedtime, she needs to help out & put her toys away. It's hard to believe that she's rapidly approaching the two-year mark. Whew, where did all the time go? Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

trying on Daddy's shoes...

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