Friday, October 24, 2008

More pumpkin patch fun...

Last night we surprised the kids with a visit to our local pumpkin patch. Even though it wasn't as eventful as the one we brought them to last week, they still had a great time. While Makenna was big enough to play on the giant slide, she ended up playing in the jumper. Since no parents were allowed in the jumper, we opted to keep Isaiah on the sidelines. It didn't matter anyway, he was too distracted by all the pumpkins scattered everywhere. He probably wouldn't have enjoyed himself in the jumper anyway since he's not walking yet, so maybe next year will be a better experience. Nevertheless, the kids enjoyed themselves, and there's only 1 week until they get to bust out their costumes. Happy Friday =)

Makenna explains the finer points in pumpkin selection to Isaiah...

Isaiah wants this one!!!

Don't let the gas face fool you, she still had fun!

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