Monday, October 27, 2008

Another party weekend!

It turned out to be yet another eventful weekend for the little ones, and judging by the amount of sleep both kids got each night, it's safe to say that neither one of them minded all the activity! Saturday we took the kids to a Halloween party and they both had a blast! Isaiah did really well among all the commotion, and didn't have a problem crying when Mommy wasn't around. He seems to do better when festivities take place outdoors, and with this great weather we've been having, we've been pretty fortunate that things have been outside. I guess all kids need a change every now and then, and being indoors all the time can make anyone feel a bit loco. Makenna, obviously, found her groove without any problems, as she went around following the bigger kids. Even when she wasn't with them, she just happily played by herself with her nonchalant attitude.

Sunday was Nonno's birthday and the kids got to spend more time with their cousins and aunts and uncles. It's funny how Isaiah can be so calm and relaxed around strangers one day, then be the polar opposite around family the next day. For the most part, he was ok, but when there's too much fuss around him, and he can't see his Mommy or me, he gets a little anxious. When Mommy's around, his world is complete and he's at ease with everyone else. Strange how that works... And of course, Kennaroo fell into the groove with her cousins, and everyone else for that matter! She did have a couple of instances where her "terrible-twos" attitude reared it's ugly head, but we just dealt with it until she calmed down. I can't imagine what the little big man will be like when he gets to that stage, especially since he's been so different than Kenna. Hopefully God give us the strength and patience to deal with his outbursts too!!!

Makenna shows Isaiah some new dance moves, while Mommy enjoys the show...

Isaiah in his comfort zone

Makenna plays in the little house

Makenna give Nonno a special birthday kiss

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